Security Services


Bio & Work Roles

Taking pride in my work using dedicated security operational skills, to maximize revenue by overseeing operations, quality control, employee assessment, daily supervision, scheduling, procedures, threat assessment and emergency response, with positive client communications ensuring client satisfaction.


  • Leadership  & Account Management 2018 – 2022

In charge of residential security The One mansion where I led multiple teams                    co-ordinationg  Security, Transportation, Surveillance, Conflict Resolution and Construction control. 


  • Project Management 2018 -2022

Managed security details for Draken Security across Southern California


  • Cross Functional Team Leadership 2020 -2022

Trained different teams on breaches prevention, perimeter surveillance and Quick Reactionary Responses, Law Enforcement liaison, and criminal response and appropriate use of force laws.

Trained team in de-escalating conflicts and negotiations with people who have psychiatric disabilities, psychiatric illnesses, emotional disorders, and/or mental disabilities.

  • Regulatory Compliance 2018 – 2022
  • Fraud Detection: Real Estate Security Instruments
  • Corporate Security Executive Threat Protection with C.E.O.’s
  • Surveillance & Counter Surveillance 2020 -2023
  • Executive Transportation & Protection 2022 – 2023

Provided executive transportation for many celebrities, corporate executives, business entrepreneurs and VIP’s

  • Self Defense training including martial arts, lethal and non lethal weapons
  • Diplomatic Security 2022 -2023

BABC (British American Business Council) and corporate security for C.E.O.’s

British Consulate & Japanese Consulate



BSIS CA Guard Card

CCW:  Florida & Nevada

All CA Non Lethal Certification

BSIS CA Open Carry

AHA & CPR Certified


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